New Website!

I am excited to have my website completely rebuilt. Kudos to Scott Docherty of Redhare for the significant improvements and changes to my site.

First, my Home Page will always show the three most recent blogs. If you wish to dive down deeper, there is a page for Blogs.

I wanted a website that would provide the most direct and easiest access to my songs. I wanted them clearly visible at a glance. Such that people may see the song covers, listen to the song, and read lyrics, song descriptions and credits. Finally, if they decide they would like to stream or download a song, they will find multiple options for streaming services, download services, and internet radio by clicking on a single link associated with a song.

For the time being, I am releasing my songs in the digital realm only. I am excited that my site has the information that you would have found on liner notes in the past. I think that sharing who contributed musical, engineering and production roles on my songs is not just giving credit where credit is due. These are people who played active and creative roles in making the song what it truly is as a composition, arrangement and fixed work. I think that giving people the opportunity to read the lyrics and the thoughts I have shared on the creation of the song is important information. I am glad we were able to incorporate this into the site.

There is plenty of information within the website available by clicking on the major headers above on the Home Page. Please roam around so that you may have sense of what my music is about, where I have been, and where I may be headed.

Finally, the practical information is all here. There is a calendar of my events, concerts, and play dates; a section of pull quotes from the press and others; posters for use by venues; and ways to contact me.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my songs.