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I'm Like the Perfect Country Song Tonight

©2015 Tom Arnold / Deadbeat Music

I just smoked my eighteenth cigarette
And I don’t smoke
Crushing empty beer cans
Is a skill that’s finely honed
There’s an infomercial on TV
That I’ve been watching for an hour
Well okay, that’s right
I’m like the perfect country song tonight

You’ve emptied out your closet
It’s a lonely, open door
You’re perfume doesn’t linger now
The silence is a roar
If I could just turn back that clock
And you’d walk through that door
But I can’t, and you won’t
I’m like the perfect country song tonight

Since you took to the friendly skies
And that big bird flew away
I’ve been stuck here grounded
Home is where I always stay

I’ve choked down my last cigarette
Beer cans crowd my thigh
The infomercial’s droning on
I’ve closed my sad sack eyes
I think I’ll call a lonely friend
And see if he’ll drop by
Cause it’s just not right
I’m like the perfect country song tonight

She leaves. He is at loose ends and doesn't quite know what to do with himself.

from Redneck Ear Candy, released July 17, 2015
Kim Deschamps, pedal steel: Eric Tarr, Fender Telecaster: Dave Percefull, electric guitar: George Reiff, bass: Josh Center, drums. Tom Arnold, vocals and acoustic guitar.