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©2021 Tom Arnold / Deadbeat Music

She was not quite tall
But she was long and lean
She looked like a star
In a magazine
She smiled real quiet
Almost shy
She didn’t say much
But she spoke direct
I was charmed

I looked in her face
And I held her eyes
I think we were both
A little mesmerized
We spoke not a word
Time hung by a thread
Giddy feelings
Filled my chest
What is this

Oh, Savannah made me cry

I kissed her once
She kissed right back
I held her close
She squeezed my neck
Her fingernails traced
The length of my spine
She dug just a little
And sighed real hard
I nearly died

She put me on my knees
And she don’t even know
She loved me just once
And dealt a body blow

I don’t know about
Original sin
I don’t know
When I’ll see her again
She’s got hooks

Oh, Savannah made me cry

Sometimes I can be plain misspent
I tossed her apples over the fence
She took a bite, got a taste of me
It tasted good and it seemed for free
She wormed her way in fecklessly
Indulged my needs recklessly
And stifled cries
Told shallow lies

When she showed me how
I’d broken her heart
Stealing her life
She took me apart
That time so slow
Exquisitely spent
Flew as frightened birds
In angry skies

Her stifled cries
And shallow lies
Gave way to taunts
That agonized
With wounded, bruised
Weary hearts
We left each with a single word

Oh, Savannah made me cry

A slice of Americana, heartache with a backbeat and baritone guitar. Love doesn’t always last forever.

released May 28, 2021
Tom Arnold, vocal, guitar, electric bass Matt Salinas, baritone and electric guitars Jeramy Burchett, drums Dean Baskerville, Baskerville Recording, recording, mixing, mastering Eric Ward/Unsplash, cover photo