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©2020 Tom Arnold / Deadbeat Music

Bright sunny day
How about the weather
You and I
Should slip our tethers

Let’s take a drive
Who cares where we’re headed
Point that car
Down a road that’s endless

Push that pedal down
The wind’s in our face
Step on the gas
So long rat race

On this sunny

Turn off the phone
Forget about connections
Who else do we need
For affection

We’ll get away
Forget about the hurry
Float down stream
We won’t have a worry

The best laid plans
Don’t mean a thing
The purr of the engine
Is making us sing

On this sunny

I decided to write a fun song about something all of us love to do: drop everything and just get away for the day. Have fun. With no particular destination in mind. I chose the idea of taking a drive in the car.

I dreamed of a beautiful sunny day, floating downstream, forgetting best laid plans, feeling the wind and just enjoying each other.

With a jaunty melody, a bouncy finger style guitar part I conjured up, and some significant help from my friends, I was rolling down the road.

This song features the lovely three part harmony vocal of Portland’s grammy nominated soul chanteuse Ellen Whyte.

Guitarist Matt Salinas provided the baritone guitar part grounding the song and some tasty licks on a Fender Telecaster. Drummer Jeramy Burchett syncopated his tom fills, hi hat and cymbals beautifully
Sound Engineer Dean Baskerville’s clients have included Cheryl Crow and Pink Martini.

released November 11, 2020
Tom Arnold, vocal, guitars, electric bass
Ellen Whyte, vocals
Matt Salinas, baritone and electric guitars
Jeramy Burchett, drums
Dean Baskerville, Baskerville Recording, recording, mixing, mastering
Photo, Stephanie Valencia, @anieva