Voices from the Fringe

The songs on "Voices From the Fringe" are tongue in cheek, satirical send-ups on the subjects of drug use, attire, politics and guns. From the perspective of characters who are, well, a little out there. The music is eclectic, from Jimmy Buffet Carribbean to T-Bone Burnett to liberal use of hip hop and dance club loops on songs that border on hip hop.

Track List

1. She’s Got Coke in Her Pants
2. Pullya Pantsup
3. Swilling the Planters with Bumbo
4. Gun Control

Songs and Lyrics
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Listen/Buy   |   Lyric
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Tom Arnold: Lead Vocals, Guitar

Engineer: Dean Baskerville Mixed and Mastered at Baskerville Recording Inc.

Artwork: Mollie Van Sandt
Graphic Design: Chris Michel
Photo: Scott Docherty/Redhare

All Songs ©℗2015 Tom Arnold / Deadbeat Music.
All rights reserved.

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